4 Tips To Help With Choosing Roofing For Your Replacement Project And Improvements That Add Value And Help You Save


Soon, it is going to be time to have your roof replaced, and you may be considering materials that do more than conventional shingles. There are also options to improve your home and add value with a roof replacement project. You may want premium materials that add attractive details or energy improvements that help you save. There are also some choices of materials that will last longer than conventional asphalt shingles. The following tips will help you with choosing the best materials and improvements to add value to your home:

1. Adding Coverings for Entrances and Outdoor Spaces with Your Roof Replacement

One of the improvements that you may want to consider for your home when you have the roof replaced is adding coverings for outdoor spaces. These can be features like a covering for a patio or porch, which will also help keep the runoff from your roof away from the foundation. You can also add covered entrances that help protect you when you go in or out of the front door.

2. Insulation and Thermal Improvements That Help Reduce Energy Loss and Costs

Good thermal barriers are important to stop energy loss and make your home more efficient. When you have the roof replaced, there are opportunities to improve the insulation and materials like decking and moisture barriers beneath the shingles. Consider these improvements to help reduce energy loss and add value to your home when you have the roof replaced.

3. Improvements to Prevent Wear in The Most Vulnerable Areas and Reduce Repair Costs

There are some areas of your roof that are more vulnerable to wear than others, such as valleys where roof slopes meet, eaves and penetrations from vents. When replacing the roofing, consider upgrading these areas by using a reinforcement like rubber membrane and premium materials that are less prone to wear and leaks.

4. Premium Roofing Materials and Shingle Alternatives That Last Longer and Add Value To Your Home

The conventional asphalt shingles that are used for residential roofing are often the most affordable solution for replacements, but not always the best. When you start planning your roof replacement project, talk to the contractor about using premium shingles or other shingle alternatives for a longer-lasting roof and improving the appearance of your roof.

These are some tips that will help you choose the right materials and improvements to add value to your home and help you save money. If you are ready to have a new roof installed on your home, contact a residential roofer and talk to them about some of these solutions.


22 January 2020

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