Six Things You Might Want To Do To Make Your Home More Secure When You Replace Windows


Having your windows replaced gives you a great opportunity to improve the security of your home. Statistics show that around 23 percent of burglars break in through a home's first-floor windows. This means that people can prevent a lot of break-ins by simply improving the security of their windows. 

The following are six security improvements you can make to your home when you have your windows replaced that will leave your home less susceptible to break-ins. 

Put security film over window glass

Security film is a very easy and affordable way to make your windows more secure. In fact, you can use a security film at any time to increase window security. You don't have to wait till you replace your windows to use it.

Security film makes it more difficult to smash windows so that burglars have more trouble forcing their way into your home. 

Have window locks installed

Window locks make it so that it takes longer for thieves to break in through your windows. Many would-be thieves will simply move on to the next home if they see you have window locks in place that will make for a bigger challenge when they're attempting to break in. 

Add security pins to your window design

Security pins physically prevent windows from being opened from the outside. Security pins are an especially good way to secure windows that have a wood frame or are double-hung.

Security pins can be designed to allow a window to open a few inches easily, but prevent the window from opening wide enough to allow a break-in. 

Get grills or bars installed over your windows

Grills and bars installed over windows make it more difficult for burglars to access your windows to either smash them or force them open. Grills and bars are especially effective at keeping burglars out when they're used on basement windows or on windows on the first floor of your home. 

Put window alarms in place

Window alarms will go off when they detect a thief tampering with and trying to break into a window. They are good for quickly scaring thieves away so that they will abort any attempts to break into your home. They are easy to install during window replacement.

Have motion detectors installed around your window

Motion detectors can set off lights or alarms when there is anyone moving around your windows. Motion detector lights are surprisingly inexpensive and effective at getting rid of burglars before they succeed in accessing your home's interior. 


27 January 2020

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