Upgrading to Spray Foam Roofing Systems


Foam roofing can be an upgrade that a home or business can benefit from undergoing. While there are many other types of roofing systems that can be chosen for a building, foam roofing will provide some particularly unique benefits.

Reduce the Risk of Leaks

A leaking roof can be one of the more common structural issues that a home will experience. Spray foam roofing systems will be far less susceptible to the formation of leaks due to the materials that are used and the method of installation. When these roofing systems are professionally installed, they will lack the gaps and small openings that can allow rain or other sources of water to soak into the interior. Shingles, tiles, and shake roofing can be extremely vulnerable to leaks due to the risk of high winds or other issues moving the roofing components so that these openings are created.

Get It Installed Quickly

When you are installing a new roof, you will want this project to be completed as quickly as possible. For businesses, lengthy roof installations can be costly due to the need to close or suffer other disruptions. Homeowners will want to minimize disruptions to life in their home during this work. Spray foam roofing can be installed much quicker than other roofing systems. Furthermore, there will not be a need for as much banging from nailing shingles or securing tiles. In most cases, a small to medium building will be able to have the spray foam roofing applied in only a day or two. In fact, removing the previous roofing materials may take much longer than applying the new spray foam.

Reduce Energy Loss

Minimizing energy loss should be a goal for anyone that owns a building. The roof is one of the leading sources of energy loss for most buildings, and larger buildings are likely to experience this problem worse due to the larger surface area. Spray foam is a highly energy-efficient material due to it being extremely dense and resistant to heat exchange. This can result in the outer surface of the spray foam becoming very warm but failing to radiate this heat back into the structure. When choosing a spray foam roofing system, it is important to be mindful that the energy efficiency rating will not be the same for all of them. You should review these roofing systems so that you can choose a spray foam system that provides the best energy efficiency for your budget.

These are just a few of the reasons to undergo a foam roofing system installation. Contact a local professional for more information.



1 February 2020

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