Skipping Commercial Roof Maintenance Won't Save You Money


If you own a commercial building, you will likely be looking for ways to lower your budget. One area where you might save money in the short-term is if you cut your roofing maintenance budget. However, while this might save money for a little while, it will not save you money in the future when you must repair or replace your roof.

Several Problems Can Lead to Roof Damage

Failing to perform preventative maintenance on a roof, such as a roof cleaning, can lead to accelerated roof deterioration down the line. Your drains and downspouts need to be inspected to make sure that they haven't developed clogs. Rooftop vents and equipment need to be inspected to make sure that they're properly sealed. Penetrations and flashings should not have any gaps or tears. The roof should not have any damage. These forms of damage can become worse with time and can lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

Your Roof Requires Regular Repairs

Roofs require reoccurring roof repairs. For example, you might have insulation that will need to be replaced or you may not have had enough insulation added in the first place. Not having enough insulation will cost your business money because your energy costs will be higher.

The field membrane for your roof can sometimes develop defects. The membrane can easily be punctured, so make sure that any tree branches close to the roof are trimmed promptly. Remove any loose debris or equipment on the roof that could puncture it. If there will be a lot of walking on your roof, lay protective mats down.

Adhesives used in commercial roofs can degrade as a result of UV rays. Sheets must overlap to protect adhesives from UV rays. Defects found in your membrane can lead to expensive leaks that can cause damage to your property.

Cold Climates Necessitate Roof Maintenance

If your property is located in a colder climate, it's important to have the roof regularly cleared of snow. Otherwise, the snow will melt and will cause damage to the roof because the water will not drain adequately. Also, the weight of the snow on the roof can cause damage.

Scheduling regular roof inspections is the best way to maintain your roof. Walking on your roof to perform inspections yourself can lead to further roof damage. However, roofing services contractors know how to inspect a commercial roof in a manner that will minimize damage.


4 February 2020

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