How Your Roof Replacement Service Estimates The Cost Of A New Roof


There are a number of reasons why you might need a new roof for your home. Extensive damage caused by a storm can mean a roof replacement is necessary. The age of your roof may also be a problem. An asphalt shingle roof will last about 20 years, and you will begin to notice issues with your shingles. You might find loose shingles or begin to experience roof leaks that need to be repaired consistently. Once you need a replacement roof, getting estimates is your next step. Your roof replacement service takes a look at the entire job to assess what you need for materials and how long it will take, and provides you with an estimate to get the roof replaced.

The Size of Your Roof

The size of your roof will impact how much roofing material you need, as well as how long it will take to complete the job. Your roof replacement service will figure out how many square feet your roof is and come up with an estimate using the number of square feet as a base.

The Roofing Materials You Choose

Even when you go with affordable asphalt shingles, there is variety in quality when it comes to choosing your roofing materials. The more expensive your roofing materials are, the higher your estimate will be.

The Shape of Your Roof

If you have a roof that is easy to put shingles on, the estimate will reflect this. If your roof is full of complex areas, it is going to take your roof replacement service longer to do the work. 

If Demolition Is Necessary

When there is only one layer of shingles on your roof, you might be able to put another layer right on top. If demolition is necessary and the old roof must be removed and taken away, this will increase the cost of the estimate.

When Estimates Vary Widely

The reason you get several estimates is to get a general idea of the cost of replacing your roof. Since there are a number of factors that your roofing company considers, you will discover that the estimates can vary widely. Each company estimates what they believe the job is worth, and one company may bid low in an effort to undercut the competition.

Roof replacement services understand that you are going to get several estimates. Look each one over carefully, and ask your roofing company if you have questions.


17 February 2020

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