Four Important Considerations When Replacing Your Old Roof


Having a quality new roof installed on your home can involve a lot of work and research, but the time and effort is worth it to make sure you end up with something you love. To make sure you get the best possible job done and save some money in the process, here are four important items to add to your list when you start shopping around.

What Materials to Use

If your current roof is made of one kind of material, that doesn't necessarily mean your best option is to stick with the best one. If you use asphalt single, for example, you may decide you want to install a metal or clay tile roof instead. There are several materials to choose from, and they're worth looking into.

What ends up being the best option depends on a few factors, which can include the climate in your area, your home's architecture, and how much weight your roof's underlying structure can support. Some choices are better for appearance, while others are more resilient and can even save money on heating and cooling bills. Your eventual choice may also depend on personal factors, like whether your priority is a roof that will add to the aesthetics of your house or whether it will save you money in the long run. When you have a consultation with your contractor, ask for suggestions based on your needs and see what they recommend.

What's in a Bid and Contract

As you shop around and get bids, remember to look at more than just the total price. Different roofing companies will offer varying services as part of the overall installation, so it's important to make sure your bid includes everything you want to have done. For example, check to make sure it specifies the correct materials, that it includes things like removal and disposal of your old roof, warranty information, and payment terms. When you move on to viewing contracts for signing, double-check that all the information is still accurate. When it comes to bids and contracts, specifics are welcome, as they protect both you and your roofer and ensure you get everything you need.

These documents can be flexible, and change is part of the negotiation process, but a well-written bid and eventual contract is a good sign you'll be working with a quality contractor.

Necessary Inspections

It's a good idea to replace a roof once it gets old and worn, but there could be other issues besides age that need addressing. Before you decide what to do, it's helpful to get a full roof inspection to see what you need and to check for any wear and damage that may need to be taken care of before installing.

A professional will examine your roof for any signs of damage that could let water in and look for any signs of warping or bowing, but they may also check your attic for water damage, mold, and potential ventilation problems. It's important to find out if just the roof itself needs to be replaced or if there are any additional structural repairs that need to be made beforehand. These problems aren't always obvious with a cursory inspection, so hire a professional for a roof inspection before you get too far along.

Financing and Saving Money

Getting a new roof installed is a large expense even if you're prepared for it. If you don't need your roof installed right away, and you have time to do a little research, there are a few ways you can save some money.

First, aim to have your roof installed sometime during the fall season. This is when demand starts to decrease and the weather tends to remain calm without the extremes of summer or winter. The decrease in demand may help you get a discount, though this may not apply for all roofers.

Second, see if your homeowners insurance company will lower your rates once you get your new roof installed. If they won't, consider looking for alternatives who will, as these savings can often be significant.

Finally, see if you apply for any state or federal grants or tax credits. You may be able to get some money upfront to help with the cost of repairs, or you may get money back when you file your taxes, but these opportunities aren't automatically applied, so take the time to explore your options.


18 February 2020

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