Residential Roofing Concerns And Threats


There are many factors that will influence the condition of the roof that protects your home. However, homeowners will often lack awareness about these particular factors, which can lead to them being caught by surprise as some of the problems or issues that the roof might experience.

Chimney Maintenance And Care

Improper chimney maintenance and care can be a major source of damage to the roof. If cracks form on the exterior of the chimney, it can allow water to seep under the roof where it can cause major damage. Furthermore, a damaged chimney liner can allow enough heat and smoke to escape that it could cause extensive damage to the roof before the homeowner notices.

The Condition Of The Gutters

Gutters that are unable to efficiently and effectively transport water away from the roof can lead to considerable water damage to the roof. In fact, this can make it far more likely that the roof supports or the exterior shingles rot. Keeping the gutters clean so that water can freely flow through them will be among the most basic and important types of maintenance services that your roof will require. In addition to cleaning them, any leaks that may form should be promptly repaired.

Proximity Of Large Trees

Allowing large trees to grow close to the home can lead to branches that are far too close to the roof. When these branches move in response to the wind, they can scrape against the exterior of the roof, and this can lead to the tiles or shingles becoming misaligned or even removed. If you have noticed this occurring with your roof, a professional inspection will be needed so that you can ascertain whether severe damage has occurred to the roof. Furthermore, you may need to have the branches trimmed so that this problem can be avoided in the future.

The Aging Process

As a roof ages, it will gradually lose its ability to effectively protect the home. This is largely due to the materials used in the roof suffering wear and tear that leads to small gaps forming in the roof. These problems can make leaks and drafts more likely to form, and to address this particular risk, the roof will need to be periodically replaced. Luckily, a residential roof that was designed and installed by professionals will be able to last for decades before it will have suffered enough wear to need to be replaced.

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1 May 2020

Creating Great Roofing From the Start

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