Why PVC Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Might Be The Right Choice For Your Commercial Flat Roof


If you've bought a commercial building to renovate, you'll have a few choices when it comes to the roofing material. If the building has a flat roof, you'll want to select a material that provides excellent protection against leaks. A single-ply PVC roof might be ideal. Here's why this is a good type of commercial roofing.

Single-Ply Roofing Is Easy To Install

This roofing is easy to install, and that cuts down on the overall expense and time needed to put on your new roof. Single-ply roofing is a single layer of membrane that's put over the deck of your building. The membrane can be attached with fasteners, applied with adhesive, or held down with gravel.

A roofing contractor can help you choose the right way to apply the roof. Sometimes the outdoor weather conditions play a role in determining the best method of installation.

Single-Ply PVC Membranes Can Be Heat Welded

One advantage of PVC membrane roofing is that the seams can be heat welded together to eliminate the risk of leaking. PVC roofing comes in big rolls that are spread out on your roof, and the rolls have to be adhered together. PVC can be melted with a hot air welder and then when the material cools off, it returns to its normal shape and strength fully bonded at the seams.

PVC Membranes Are Considered Cool Roofing

PVC is a reflective material, so the roof will reflect the sun rather than absorb solar heat. The result is the roof keeps your building cooler in the summer, and that might reduce your energy bills when you have a large building. PVC is white roofing, so the roof doesn't get as hot as a black roof, and the roofing has a clean and attractive appearance.

PVC Is A Durable Material

If your building will have roof emissions, such as grease from a restaurant or chemicals from a manufacturing plant, talk to the single-ply roofing contractor about the right type of membrane for your roof. The roofer may recommend PVC since it is so durable.

It's not damaged by the sun, grease, or acidic emissions. PVC membranes are also treated for fire resistance, and they can tolerate frequent foot traffic. Because PVC is a durable membrane, your new roof should last for decades. Repairs are easy to do since the membrane can be heat welded.

Choosing the right material for a new commercial flat roof is a big decision since you want good value for your money and you want roofing that lasts for years. A single ply roofing contractor can help you explore all your options, but when you want durable roofing that also looks attractive and provides excellent protection for your building, a single-ply PVC membrane roof might be the right choice.


7 May 2020

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