Soil Erosion And Its Effects On Your Foundation


Erosion is often the cause of foundation cracks in your basement. As weathering erodes the topsoil around your home, more pressures are put on your foundation. The reason is that the topsoil layer, which eroded away, helped insulated the deeper soil layers so they retained even moisture and maintained a steady temperature. Without this protection, the deeper soil layers are more prone to expansion and contraction, which can damage foundation walls.

Signs of Damage

You may not notice that the soil is eroding, but the early signs of the damage it causes can be apparent. Often, the first symptom of the problem is hairline cracks on either the exposed exterior foundation or along your unfinished basement walls inside. You may also notice more moisture seepage issues in the basement as cracks begin to form and widen. As the problem progresses, basement window frames and supports may warp, doors through the home may not line up, or the roofline may even begin to sag. In extreme cases, floors and walls can buckle and chimneys can topple, but hopefully, you catch the issue long before it reaches this stage.

Repair Methods

The best method of repair depends on the extent of the damage. If the damage isn't severe, the focus should be on patching the few cracks and replenishing the eroding topsoil. In more severe cases, such as if one or more basement walls have begun to buckle, the home may need to be put on piers and the basement foundation reconstructed. Most repairs tend to fall between these two extremes, but the individual assessment is necessary to develop an applicable repair plan.

Erosion Prevention

The best course of action is to prevent the erosion from occurring and affecting your walls in the first place. Keeping the area around your home landscaped is the best way to avoid erosion. Opt for grass and shallow-rooted flowers and groundcovers up next to the home, simply because you want to avoid deep root systems that could also cause foundation damage. If flowing water is the issue, which is common for homes at the base of a hill, then terracing and retaining walls may be necessary. These landscape constructions can reroute water so that it doesn't erode the soil around your foundation.

Soil erosion is a commonly overlooked problem, often considered nothing more than a landscaping issue. Unfortunately, it can have a dangerous effect on your home, as well. Contact a basement foundation repair service for more assistance. 


12 May 2020

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