What You Should Know About Leaks in Your Roof


When it comes to taking care of your roof, one of your top priorities is likely to keep leaks away. However, leaks can and do happen, and they can happen in surprising places. Get to know some of the places that links can occur in your roof and the signs of a leak. Then, you can be sure you contact a residential roofing contractor to help you if you notice signs of leaks or just want your roof thoroughly inspected for problems. 

Leaks Can Occur Around Chimneys

Water can pool around your chimney, especially if you do not have a cricket or have a damaged cricket. Crickets are upside-down and v-shaped. They are built into the area behind the chimney. Their sole purpose is to allow water to flow away from the back of the chimney, preventing this water from pooling. If the cricket is damaged, water can still pool up. As such, you want to check the state of your chimney and cricket regularly to watch for pooling water. 

Leaks Can Occur in Edge Flashing

The edge flashing of your roof is what it sounds like, it goes around the edges of your roof and protects that vulnerable area of the roofing structure. If the flashing is damaged or missing, the boards underneath the shingles can get water damage and start to rot. This rot can spread causing widespread leaks in your roofing.

Leaks Can Occur Where Different Slopes Meet

If you have a roof that has areas of varying slopes or steepness, the area where a steeper slope meets a shallower slope could develop pooling water or just get worn down and develop leaks. 

Signs of Leaks in Your Roof

There are numerous signs to watch out for when it comes to leaks in your roof. If you go into your attic space at any point and it smells damp or musty, there is a good chance you have a leak somewhere in your roof. 

Additionally, if you go up on your roof and notice any areas that are not level, such as a sunken area, you again most likely have water damage and a leak. Sagging spots in roofs are especially problematic because it indicates the structural integrity of the boards under your shingles is compromised. This can lead to roof cave-ins and other major problems in your home and should be addressed by a residential roofing contract as soon as possible. 

Now that you know more about leaks in your roof, you can be sure that you have a residential roofing contractor come and inspect your roof and repair any leaks that may have already occurred. 


20 May 2020

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