Services a Roofing Contractor Can Offer Your Business


Roof problems can grind the activities of your business to a halt. However, business owners may not appreciate all of the services that a commercial roofing contractor will be able to offer. This can lead to the business being more vulnerable to suffering potentially serious roofing problems and damages.

Improving Drainage

Many commercial roofs will be extremely large and flat surfaces. This can increase the risk of water ponding on the roof or it otherwise having poor drainage. Poor drainage can be one of the most predominant sources of roofing damage that businesses will have to spend resources to address. Improving the drainage may involve installing a new gutter system, but it may also involve giving sections of the flat roof a slight incline so that water will be more likely to roll down it.

Closing Drafts

Drafts in the roof is a major source of energy-inefficiency due to the added difficulty that they will add to controlling the interior temperature of the business. This can lead to higher energy costs due to the HVAC system having to work for longer. Luckily, a commercial roofing contractor can identify the source of these drafts and take steps to close them. This may involve applying caulk to the areas where the drafts are suspected to be originating. Additionally, there are roofing sealants that can be used to effectively stop drafts that have developed. Identifying the location of these drafts can be one of the more challenging parts of this repair as these drafts can be caused by small openings and gaps that may be difficult for the untrained eye to notice.

Minimizing Routine Wear

Routine wear is another factor that you will need to be mindful of with your business's roof. Over the years, the roof of your business can suffer wear from moisture exposure, sunlight, and heat. This can lead to the roof degrading or breaking down. To minimize these damages, the roof will need some preventative maintenance done to it. This will involve thoroughly cleaning the roof and using a sealant that can block sunlight and moisture. This work will typically require a full day to be done for a large roof, but its ability to massively extend the lifespan of the roof can be invaluable for helping the business to reduce the disruptions it will face from needing roof replacements in the future.

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11 June 2020

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