Things To Know About A Damaged Roof


The great thing about roofs is that they usually come with a warranty in regards to how long they should last. However, just because there is a warranty in place, it doesn't necessarily mean that the roof will not get damaged in an untimely manner. For example, a homeowner can get a new roof constructed one day, and a bad storm can destroy it the next day. Regardless of when it is that your roof was damaged, the important thing for you to do before things get worse is to make sure it gets repaired as quickly as possible. Read the content below for more information about damaged roofs and getting them repaired by professional roofers. 

Detecting When a Roof Has a Leak

Many homeowners think that a roof leak can be detected easily, such as water leaking into the house through the ceiling. However, leaks are not always as easy to detect as they may seem and can actually cause a substantial amount of damage long before water leaks through ceilings. For instance, if there is only a small hole in the deck, water can slowly leak into the house and remain hidden within the wall cavities for a long time, especially until it accumulates in large amounts. Even with a small amount of water leaking through the deck, it can create a lot of moisture, mold, mildew, and damage to the deck and interior of the house. A roofer can often detect a leak even when it is barely noticeable.

Deciding on a Repair or Replacement

When a roof is damaged, sometimes a repair isn't good enough to bring it back to good condition. In some cases, a homeowner must get the roof completed redone. For example, if the deck has a substantial amount of rot, attaching new shingles to it isn't a wise way to make a repair to stop leaks. However, just because a deck has a rotten area, it doesn't mean that a repair won't be sufficient enough. Due to the complexity of such a problem, it is wise to take advice from a roofer in regards to whether or not you should focus on repairing or replacing the roof.

Making Sure the Deck Is Fully Protected

A good reason why a roofer should be hired to handle your damaged roof rather than trying to repair it on your own is that a poor job can leave the deck unprotected. When placing shingles on a roof, they must be nailed down in a strategic manner to ensure that they fully cover the deck. A roofer will ensure that it is difficult for rainwater to make it to the deck through the shingles.

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12 June 2020

Creating Great Roofing From the Start

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