4 Benefits Of Installing A Tile Roof


Tile is an expensive but popular roofing material because the tile is built to last. The strength of a tile roof is only one of the reasons you should consider installing a tile roof. A tile roof can offer you many different benefits.

Benefit #1: Weather-Resistant

The first reason you should consider installing a tile roof is that the tile is very weather-resistant. Tile is able to withstand lots of different types of weather. It can withstand high winds and can deal with a strong hailstorm.

Tile roofs can handle the heat from a fire for a certain length of time without becoming compromised. If you live somewhere that gets severe weather throughout the year, you are going to want your roof to be able to withstand that weather without being in constant need of repairs.

Benefit #2: Easy Maintenance

Another reason to consider installing a tile roof is that they are easy to take care of. A tile roof doesn't require that much maintenance, especially when compared to a shingle roof. With a tile roof, all you need to really do is clean your roof a few times a year, take care of the gutters, and repair any damaged tile. Tiles do not get easily damaged, so repairs are not things that you should have to do on a regular basis.

Benefit #3: Pest-Resistant

In addition to being weather-resistant, tile roofs are also pest-resistant. A tile roof cannot be damaged by insects. Ants can crawl around on the roof all they want, but they can't destroy it. A termite could crawl around your tile roof, but it will not be able to eat through it.

If you have had pest issues in the past with your roof, you will not have to worry about these issues with a tile roof.

Benefit #4: Energy Savings

When your tile roof is installed, there will be a weather-proof undercoating. On top of the weather-proof undercoating, the tile itself will be installed. There will be a small gap between the undercoating and the tile.

This small gap will help stop the rays of the sun from heating up your attic. This little gap will help reduce your energy costs by helping to keep your house cool. Being able to reduce your energy costs across the lifetime of your roof can essentially allow you to pay for your roof with the savings you enjoy.

When it comes to installing a roof, you are going to want to install a weather-resistant, easy-to-maintain, pest-resistant, energy-saving tile roof. Tile roofs don't take damage like other types of roofs and will last for decades.

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2 July 2020

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