Don't Forget Your Roof: How To Identify Roof Damage After A Storm


Storms can do a lot of damage to your home. Most people know to check their property for damage after severe storms. That's why you should give your home a thorough inspection after every storm. Because the roof is the most exposed space on the home, you should start your inspection there. The most obvious signs of storm damage include missing or damaged shingles. But, there are other signs that can point to roof damage too. If a storm has passed through your area, here are three signs that your roof has sustained damage. If you notice any of these issues during your inspection, schedule repairs right away.

Your Gutters Aren't Attached

If you want to identify storm damage on your roof, start by inspecting your gutters. You might not think gutter damage is related to roof damage, but it is. This is especially true if the gutters have been torn from your home. Gutters are attached directly to your home, right at the edge of your roof. When gutters are torn from the house, the shingles and roof deck can be damaged. If that's happened, you need to take care of those repairs as soon as possible. If you can see loose or separated gutters, call your roofing contractor immediately. 

Your Chimney Is Damaged

If you think a recent storm has damaged your roof, inspect your chimney. Roof damage usually presents itself along the seams of your chimney. That's where you'll find the flashing. Flashing is a metal trim that seals the seams between the chimney and the roof. During high winds, chimney flashing can be torn from the roof. If that happens, your roof will leak. Once the roof leaks around the chimney, you can get mold growth and water damage inside your fireplace. If your chimney flashing is damaged, call for roofing repairs right away. 

Your Exterior Paint Is Peeling

If you want to do a thorough roof inspection, spend some time checking the area where the roof meets the walls of your home. You want to check for areas where the paint has peeled. Paint peeling is a sign that your roof is leaking. As water leaks through your roof, it can get between the paint and the frame of your home. If that happens, your paint will separate from the wall and peel away. If you find areas where the paint has peeled at the roofline, you need immediate roof repairs. Peeling is an indication that your roof has been leaking for a while.

If you notice any of these problems, contact a storm damage roof repair service for help.


6 July 2020

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