Roof Improvement That Can Be Done To Improve Your Home With Shake Re Roofing


Many of the improvements that are done during re-roofing help prevent damage to your home and improve efficiency. What if the roofing materials that you are planning to replace are wood shakes or shingles? There is a lot of information for conventional shingle roofs, but you may want to know more about the things that can be done with wood materials. The following shake roofing improvements will help you improve your home with a shake re-roof project:

  • Stop Water Traps and Rot—One of the biggest problems that you may face with wood roofing materials is the water traps and rot of shake materials. There are roof improvements that can be done to prevent shakes from rotting, which include:
    • Make changes to improve runoff from the roof and reduce damage.
    • Install zinc strips in areas of your roof with more shade to prevent fungus problems.
    • Use the right combination of moisture barrier and flashing.

Make these shake roof improvements to prevent problems with rot and serious damage to wood roofing materials.

  • Use Rubber Membranes and Zinc Flashing—There are going to be areas like walls of a chimney or the valleys of a roof structure design that need to have flashing. These areas can be reinforced with a rubber membrane material that seals around nail punctures. On top of the rubber reinforcement, use a zinc flashing that will help prevent the problems with the fungus that are common with wood roofing materials.
  • Use Naturally Durable or Treated Shakes—There are also the choices of shakes that you have installed on your home. To start, you may want to consider natural materials like tropical woods that have a natural resistance to rot and pest damage. Today, there are also options for several types of treated materials that will prevent problems with rot and reduce fire hazards if you live in an area with a dryer summer climate.
  • Make Sure to Properly Seal and Care for New Shakes—The wood shake materials that you have installed on your home may still be vulnerable damage and wear. Therefore, you want to make sure that they are sealed to help reduce problems. The sealing of the shakes should not be done until the materials have had time to dry. When you do seal the shakes, make sure to use a product that is meant to be used with wood roofing materials. In addition, if you want your shake roof to last, make sure to care for it and keep it clean.

The right improvements will help you improve your roof when installing new shake materials. If you are ready to install a new shake roof on your home, contact a re-roofing service, and talk to them about these wood roofing solutions. For further questions you may have, reach out to a professional roofing contractor like Lacey Roofing Company.


17 July 2020

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