Coordinating Spanish Tile Roofing with Your Adobe House


If you have decided on adobe for the facade of your new house, Spanish tile will be the perfect choice for the roofing. It's true that Spanish tile will probably be more costly than a shingle roof or a metal roof, but tile roofs perform very well in all kinds of weather. In addition, the tile roof will probably last longer than a less expensive roof. When repairs are needed, single tiles can replace damaged ones quite easily.

The first thing you need to determine is whether your adobe house will withstand the weight of a tile roof. If your contractor gives you the go-ahead, you'll have several choices to make.

Roof Color

  • For a traditional look, you will probably want to select terracotta red, which has orange or red-orange undertones, for the color of the tile roof. 
  • For a contemporary look, go with black or dark gray for the tile color
  • If you want something dramatic, choose dark green or dark turquoise for the tile.

For added interest, you can also use a secondary roof material. For instance, if your adobe house has sloped awnings,  gray metal will add a nice contrast to the house. Just like the Spanish tile roofing, metal roofing used as accents will also perform well in harsh weather conditions. 

Facade Color

The color you select for the facade will help to establish the look you want.

  • If you decide to go with the terracotta red tile roof, gold, tan, or light brown for the color of the facade are all good choices. 
  • Off-white, light blue, or light gray are good choices if you decide to have a black or a dark gray roof. 
  • White, off-white, or very pale green will go nicely with a green Spanish tile roof.

Front Door Color

  • Think of using a third color to add interest to the front of your adobe house. For instance, if you go with the terracotta red tile and the gold, tan, or light brown paint for the facade, a bold black front door would be perfect.
  • If you choose the black or dark gray roof, consider having a bright red door or a turquoise front door.
  • A good third color for the green Spanish tile roof would be mustard or dark yellow.

If you are still undecided about which colors to select for your adobe house and the tile roofing, your contractor will have a portfolio of previous work that his or her company has done.


29 July 2020

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