Replacing Your Roof The Right Way With A Tear-Off And Repairs


When it is time to replace shingles, it is important that the job is done correctly. You want to make sure that old roofing is removed and that repairs are completed before new shingles are laid. There may also be improvements that need to be done to stop damage. The following roof replacement information will help you know what you need to have done for your new roof.

Properly Tearing Off The Old Roofing—Removing the old shingles is the first step in properly replacing your roof. This is something that may cost extra when doing a roof replacement, which is why you want to talk to your roofer about including the tear-off work in their estimate. In addition, ask if they will be able to haul the old materials away for you. If they do not haul the waste away, you will need to rent a dumpster to dispose of the old roofing.

Inspection for Damage that Needs Repairs—Damage to roof decking, rafters, and other areas can be serious problems that need to be fixed before installing new shingles. Before you install a moisture barrier underlayment, inspect the decking and other areas for signs of water damage and rot. It is important to make sure you repair these problems before the new shingles are installed on your home.

Roof Repairs Before Installing New Shingles—The repairs need to be completed before you install the new shingles. You are going to need to repair problems that affect the structural integrity of your home and that can cause other problems. These structural repairs include repairs to any rotting wood, like studs, joists, and rafters. After the structural repairs are completed, you are going to want to repair the roof decking and make improvements to the watershed to prevent excessive wear and damage.

Installing the Shingles to Complete the Roof Installation—There are many roofing materials to choose from for your roof replacement, but you probably still want to use shingles. Before installing the shingles, though, you will want to make sure to use a durable and energy-efficient option. When choosing the asphalt shingles to be installed on your home, look for materials that have a longer guarantee. These are usually materials like 3D or architectural shingles, and they are premium roofing products with attractive profiles.

Tearing off old shingles and doing the right repairs will ensure your new shingles last for years to come. If you are ready to replace old and worn roofing, contact a roof replacement service to get an estimate on the cost of the work that needs to be done.


3 August 2020

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