Keep Your Roof In Good Repair To Keep Animal Pests Out


Whether you live in the city or in the country, you coexist with wildlife. Most of the time, wildlife is enjoyable to watch, but wildlife can be bothersome in the city since their natural habitats are not as plentiful. For instance, your attic makes a nice place to hide from bad weather, raise babies, and stay close to a handy food source.

Some animals have an easy time getting inside your attic by chewing and clawing through the roof, and then you have to deal with roof damage. Here are some tips for roof repairs that might be needed when rats, squirrels, or raccoons damage your roof.

Repair Damaged Roof Areas Before Animals Invade

Make your roof as strong as possible so it stands up to an animal intruder. If the fascia boards or deck of the roof are rotted, animals can claw through them more easily. You may need to have boards replaced with dry, solid wood to keep animals out.

Another reason to seal up holes in your roof is that air can waft out and entice animals to make the hole bigger so they can get inside. Keeping up with roof repairs is a good way to give your roof the best defense against animals.

Cover Animal Holes With Metal

Once an animal has chewed and clawed their way inside the roof, they'll keep coming back to the same place. They might just claw through new wood if they know their comfy shelter is on the other side. Animals can also get through spray foam, so the best way to block animals is with metal sheets, metal wire, or metal cloth.

Animals can't chew or claw through metal very well, so the rats or squirrels should get tired of trying and move on. You'll need to have your roof inspected so repairs can be done to all animal holes or the animals will keep coming back. Even worse, animals leave their scent behind, and that attracts even more pests to your roof.

Fortunately, animal damage to a roof is usually confined to a small area. The hole a raccoon makes can be a large one, but repairs can be made rather than having to replace the entire roof. The damage done inside your attic may be a different matter. Rats, squirrels, and raccoons can destroy your attic, so if you see the animals getting on your roof, have an inspection done to find the damage the animals have done and make repairs promptly to drive the pests away.

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12 August 2020

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