3 Solutions For Ponding Water On Flat Roofs


There are a lot of properties today that have flat roofs, especially commercial buildings. If you have such a roof, there is always the issue of ponding. This is when water collects and stays on your roof, which is not good because damage can happen fast. Here are several solutions you might try for said issue.

Install Flat Roof Drains

Some commercial buildings are older and thus never had flat roof drains installed. If this applies to your building, then you'll want to make this investment as quickly as possible. Otherwise, water damage can happen and it will progress with time.

Hire a professional roof company when having roof drains set up on a flat roof. They can get the drain system situated in the right place that will remove as much water as possible during heavy rains. 

Address Low Spots

Whatever type of flat roof is on your property, sometimes areas may be lower than they should. Naturally, when it starts to rain heavily, water can accumulate around said points and remain so until you do something about it.

You can respond by having these low spots addressed by a professional roofing company. They can build them up in a seamless way so that there are effective runoffs. You then won't have to fear water collecting in different areas and causing you a lot of headaches. The low spots will be addressed in a way that makes sense for your building's layout too.

Repair Pitching

The pitching of a flat roof is very important for water running off appropriately. If this pitching is damaged in a major way, then it can't do its job and that could mean excessive water damage. 

Repairing a flat roof's pitch requires a special set of skills and tools. It's thus best to have this pitch repair completed by a professional roofing company.

They'll closely examine your property's flat roof and see what pitch will yield optimal results in terms of making water run off the way it should. The repair will hold up for years too, giving you added peace when it rains heavily.

Flat roofs are not the perfect structures for dealing with ponding, but there are things you can do to address this common problem. A roof repair company can assist too if you're not sure what measures to take. If the right steps are taken, ponding can be a problem of yesterday and stay that way.


20 August 2020

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