Signs Of Metal Roofing Issues That Need Repair


If your home has a metal roof, it's important that you understand the most common causes of metal roofing leaks and issues. The sooner you can identify metal roofing damage, the sooner you can address the problem and seek roofing repair. Here are a few things you need to know about metal roofing damage, leaks, and repairs.

Roofing Section Seams

Metal roofing comes in sections, and those sections have to be connected together. While some smaller roofs can be covered with metal roofing without having to connect sections together, many roofs will have horizontal seams where the roofing panels attach together. 

Those seams are usually sealed by the roofing contractor as part of the installation process. Over time, the seal on those seams can deteriorate or fail. This will allow moisture to seep through the seam, eventually causing leaks inside your house and water damage. You can have the seams resealed, but you'll also want to have any water damage addressed as well.

Loose Or Open Flashing

Metal roofing needs flashing around areas where there are openings in the roofing, such as around vent pipes and chimneys. While that flashing is installed securely and sealed, it can deteriorate or loosen over time. When your flashing comes loose or develops any damage or holes, you'll find that your roof is likely to leak around that loose flashing. You'll need to have the flashing sections reinforced to repair the problem.

Oxidation Damage

Metal roofing, like any other kind of metal, is vulnerable to corrosion as it ages. The metal used for roofing materials is usually coated in a corrosion-resistant material to help protect it from this hazard, but that coating will wear off over time.

If you start to see discoloration on your metal roof that could indicate the presence of corrosion, it's important that you reach out to a roofing repair contractor right away. He or she can address the existing corrosion, weld patches where necessary, and reapply the protective coating on your roof.

Loose Hardware

The hardware used to secure your metal roofing panels usually stay flush with the roofing surface. However, when the roofing panels age, shift or otherwise sustain damage, it can cause the hardware to back out of the roof. If you're seeing anything protrude from the surface of the roof, that's a good indication that your roof is in need of repair before your roofing panels start coming loose and causing further damage and exposure issues.

To learn more about metal roof repair, contact a company near you. 


27 August 2020

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