Why Chimney Flashing Starts Leaking and How a Roofer Can Repair the Problem


If your asphalt shingle roof has a leak, one place you may want to check is the chimney flashing. Even if the leak seems to be in a different place, the flashing may be leaking and allowing water to roll down the roof and drip on your ceiling in a different location. While you might be able to change leaky asphalt shingles, chimney flashing is more complicated to replace or repair, so you may need to call a roofer for help. Here are some things to know about chimney flashing.

The Purpose of Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is made of metal, and it is usually composed of two pieces. The bottom piece seals the area of the roof where the shingles surround the chimney to stop water from leaking in around the base of the chimney. The second piece is on top and forms a seal that prevents leaks from rain that rolls down the side of the chimney. The flashing also helps direct the flow of rain around the chimney so it doesn't get blocked or pool on the metal and cause the flashing to rust.

Why Flashing Starts Leaking

If water collects on the flashing the metal might rust and develop holes. When that happens, rain can leak through the roof and in your attic. Flashing can also come loose if the adhesive dries out, crumbles, and wears away. If your home has had movement from a bad storm, earthquake, or foundation damage that causes the chimney to move, the flashing might lift out of place. The flashing has to be sealed against the roofing material for it to be effective at stopping a leak.

How Bad Chimney Flashing is Repaired

A roofer might try to repair bad flashing when possible rather than replace it. The entire flashing can be covered in sealer that goes over gaps, cracks, and holes to make the area watertight again. If the damage to the flashing is bad enough, all the flashing might need to be replaced, and that can be a much bigger job since the flashing has to be installed carefully so leaks are blocked. If any part of the roofing is damaged due to the leak, the roofer might need to repair those before the new flashing is put on. This might just entail putting on new shingles, but if the deck has water damage, it needs to be replaced too by cutting out the bad part and replacing it with dry, new materials.

Flashing can last as long as your roof with proper care. However, flashing on a newer roof can leak under the right circumstances. Flashing leaks are common, so when your roof is leaking, the chimney flashing is one of the first places the roofer may begin the search for a leak. 


14 September 2020

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