Best Roofing Materials For Hot Climates


The sun is relentless in any climate, but it is especially brutal to your home when your climate is hot. The sun can damage any number of things on your home and especially the one thing that gets the full brunt of it—your roof. When it comes time for a roof replacement, it's important to choose the best materials for your climate — not just what's the cheapest, what looks the best, or what your neighbors have. Here are the best roofing options for climates with a lot of heat year-round.

Clay Tile

When you travel to warmer southern climes, you'll notice an increase in Spanish-style tile made of clay or ceramic on the roofs of homes. It's not just a trend. Clay tile became popular in areas with warm climates because of how well it performs. As a result, it became associated with those cultures. Clay tile is one of the most durable roofing materials available, lasting up to 100 years when well maintained and sometimes even longer. It's a great insulator too, reflecting heat from the sun in the summer and absorbing precious radiant heat in the winter.

Slate Tile

Unlike clay tile, which is created through a man-made manufacturing and firing process, slat tile is a natural stone that is quarried and shaped for use as a roofing material. Incredibly, it has an even longer lifespan than clay, clocking in at around 200 years or even more when well maintained. Like clay, it also absorbs radiant heat in the winter, but it can also absorb heat from the sun in the summer, mostly because of its naturally darker color. However, that problem can be solved by choosing a lighter shade of slate that doesn't absorb as much heat when you live in a hot climate. Fortunately, it's available in several colors and shades.

Solar Tile

You might be surprised to learn that several roofing manufacturers make roofing tiles that act as solar panels, that absorb energy from the sun, and that turn it into usable energy for your home. When you live in a hot climate, you have an abundance of sunshine, so why not put it to use to help lower your energy costs and help the environment? Solar tile roofing doesn't just absorb energy; it also functions as a great insulator, and that's good news for your energy bills in more ways than one.

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30 October 2020

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