Slate Roofing Tiles To Replace Your Asphalt Shingles With Premium Materials


If you want to replace your asphalt shingles with premium materials, slate tile roofing is the perfect solution. These materials are durable, attractive, and long-lasting. But, you probably want to know more about the process of installing slate roofing. The following slate tile roofing information will help you prepare your home for the installation:

Evaluate the Structure to Plan Improvements

The installation of slate tiles requires work to be done to the structure of your home. If you currently have asphalt shingles, there may be reinforcements that are needed. Before doing these improvements, the roof framing and bracing needs to be evaluated. Areas that need to be inspected for the roof structure include:

  • Rafter sizes and lengths
  • Roof bracing and purlins
  • Wind bracing (collar-ties)

After evaluating the roof structure, you will be ready to start planning the improvements. The rafters may need to be reinforced, and more roof bracing is added to support a tile roof's extra weight. The roof structure needs to be inspected to determine the upgrades that need to be done before the slate is installed.

Reinforcing the Framing to Support New Slate

The framing of your roof is going to need to be updated to support the new slate roofing. This is due to the weight of stone roofing materials, which are heavier than the asphalt shingles. These improvements to roof framing include:

  • Reinforcing rafters with wider lumber
  • Installing hurricane straps (metal brackets that tie wood framing together)
  • Adding engineered structural beams to the roof bracing
  • Carrying the structural loads down to foundation footings

These roof framing improvements have to be done to support the weight of new slate roofing materials. The structural improvements are an extra cost, but they are worth the investment to have real slate tile installed on your home. These improvements to the roof structure can be made when the old asphalt shingles are removed.

Professional Installation of New Slate Roof Tiles

When installing slate roofing on your home, it is important to hire an experienced roofing company. The right service will be able to install the roofing and help with the upkeep that the slate tile materials will need. Skilled roofing contractors will be able to help you with the planning and improvements to wood framing.

Slate is a great choice of materials to replace worn asphalt shingles, but you will need to do some preparations. Contact a roofing service to talk to them about these options to install a new slate roof on your home.


13 November 2020

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