Four Roofing Tips For New Building Owners


If you just bought a new building with a flat roof, there are certain things you need to know. The following can ensure you get off to the right start with your roof maintenance.

1. Age

It's vital to know the overall age of the roof, both that of the current roofing membrane as well as the estimated age of the main sheathing and roof supports. Age helps you determine what the upcoming maintenance needs will be so you can plan and budget accordingly. Age can also help you make an estimate on when the replacement date will be. Knowing the age can also be important from a safety standpoint. For example, if your roof supports were installed before updated weight load guidelines were put in place, your roof could be at risk of collapse.

2. Maintenance History

The maintenance history of roof is also an important thing to have on hand. A roof that has been inspected annually and properly maintained will have a much longer life compared to one that hasn't been as closely cared for. Further, the maintenance records can show problem areas that will require more care. The previous owners should provide you with the maintenance records, but failing that you may be able to get the maintenance records from the previous property management service or by calling local roofers to see whom previously tended to roof issues.

3. Roofing Material

There are many varieties of flat roofs, and each has their own benefits, maintenance quirks, and potential lifespan. Single and multi-ply membrane roofs, for example, will require periodic sealing and leak repairs. Bitumen and asphalt roofs may require re-coating and regular inspections. By knowing the roofing material, you can better choose a roofing service that specializes in the material so that you can be assured of prompt and proper maintenance. Being aware of the roof material will also allow you to know what the most common issues are so you can monitor for them between maintenance visits.

4. Existing Warranties

Warranties can be a huge cost saver for your commercial roof. In many cases, the warranty remains valid even if building ownership changes. The only stipulation is that you may have to meet a specific maintenance schedule or the warranty may not be honored. Ask the previous owners, property management service, or the original roof installer if there were any warranties on the roof. If you know the roofing material manufacturer, you can contact them to inquire about manufacturer warranties.

Contact a commercial roof repair service. They can perform an inspection, locate trouble spots, and help you develop a working maintenance schedule and budget for your new building's roof.


29 November 2020

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