Roofing Repairs You Might Need After Spotting Cracks In A Few Shingles


If you're cleaning your gutters or climb on your roof for another reason and notice cracks in your shingles, you might be alarmed. Cracks can be serious if they allow water to reach the deck of your roof. Consider calling a roofing contractor to check the damage and make repairs rather than attempting to seal the cracks yourself. Here's why.

Shingle Cracks Are Difficult To Spot

If you always check your roof from the ground with binoculars, you might overlook cracks because they are so hard to see. If the cracks have been there for a long time, your roof might have water damage. It's good for a roofer to check your roof closely, find all the cracks, and determine how much damage has been done to your roof rather than just seal the cracks and cover up water damage.

Cracks Might Be A Manufacturing Issue

Another reason to let a roofer check the cracks in your roof is that the damage could really be shingle splitting, which happens due to thermal expansion. If so, that could indicate the problem is a manufacturing issue. The problem might also be an error with installation technique. In either of these situations, the damage might be covered by your roof's warranty, and a roofer can determine if that's the case, or if cracking was caused by normal wear and tear.

Roof Repairs Can Fix The Problem

Fortunately, cracked shingles are easy to fix. Your roofer will probably replace shingles that are split all the way through. Shingles that just have surface cracks can probably be repaired by sealing the cracks and topping the repairs with extra granules.

However, the contractor may want to make sure no other roofing repairs are needed due to rain leaking through deep cracks. They might need to check the underside of the roof from inside your attic and lift shingles to check the deck. As long as the deck hasn't been damaged, repairing a few cracked shingles should be a quick job.

If the deck has water damage, the rotted portion has to be replaced so the rot doesn't spread and cause even more damage to your roof. Replacing part of the deck involves removing the shingles over the area and then cutting out the rotted area along with a dry border around it. Then, a new piece of decking is fit in the hole like a puzzle piece and nailed to the rafters. The new decking is covered with underlayment followed by new shingles and the roof damage is fully repaired.

If you notice any cracks in your roof that may require roofing repairs, contact a roofing company near you for a consultation.


30 December 2020

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