The Shake Roof Installation Guide To Give Your Home A Wood Roofing Look


If you want to give your roof the look of wood roofing, there are a lot of options for installing a shake roof. Today, these materials can include specially treated roofing that is more durable and resistant to fire and water damage. If you do have a shake roof installed on your home, you want to make sure the installation is done correctly. The following shake roof installation guide will help ensure your new roof lasts:

Laying Down The Decking to Support The Shakes

The first step to install a new wood roof for your home is to lay the decking materials. If you are installing a roof on a new home, this will be an OSB material. If you are renovating an older roof, you may want to lay a thin layer of plywood over the existing materials. This will ensure that there is a clean and smooth surface for the new roof installation you are having done.

Properly Installing Moisture Barriers for Wood Roofs

The moisture barriers of shake roofs are as important as any other material that you may have installed on your home. A moisture barrier should be laid over the decking, which helps protect against water damage due to the condensation that can form beneath the shake roofing. There are other areas where you may want to install a moisture barrier for your shake roof installation.

Using Slats to Ensure Quality Roof Installation for Shakes

There are also the slats that you will want to install with a new shake roof. These are to help provide an air gap between shakes. This allows moisture to escape to prevent water problems from getting trapped and causing the wood materials to rot. The slats need to be installed at each row of shakes. This will create a gap between the plywood and shakes. If you want extra protection from moisture, an additional strip of felt paper can be used for each row of shakes.

Caring for the Shakes After the Roof Installation is Completed

After the installation of the shakes has been completed, you are going to need to care for them. Usually, the care of shake roofing is simple, and they will only need to be cleaned. You may occasionally want to seal them to protect the wood from weathering. In addition, your roof may need a few minor repairs done through the course of its life. Thus, it is also important to occasionally have your roof inspected for problems that need to be repaired.

The installation of a shake roof can be a good investment for your home. Contact a roof installation service and ask about roof installation for more information.


8 February 2021

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