Why Metal Roofs Work Well For Homes In Hot Climates


Many people believe that metal roofs don't work well in hot climates. But that isn't true at all. In fact, metal roofs outperform other types of roofing materials in several important areas.

If you live in an area that experiences hot summers, a metal roof can be a beneficial addition to your home for several reasons.

Metal roofs don't deteriorate in hot temperatures or direct sunlight

Many roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles and terracotta tiles, deteriorate when exposed to hot temperatures consistently. Asphalt shingles crack, warp, and begin to lift as the heat dries them out and causes them to become brittle. And terracotta tiles eventually crack in hot temperatures. Metal roofs, however, don't suffer in hot temperatures.

No matter how much direct sunlight a metal roof receives each day, it won't crack or deteriorate as a result.

Metal roofs can help to keep your home cool

Believe it or not, but a metal roof can help to keep your home cool during summer. One way that metal roofs help to keep a house cool is via the air cushion that is usually present between a metal roof and the roof deck. Because of this space, the heat of the sun does not transfer into the space below as easily as it does with other materials. The air cushion acts as a thermal barrier.

This feature of metal roofs will keep your home cool during summer. And you may be able to cut down on your air conditioner use since there is less heat coming into your home through the roof.

Metal roofs take longer to heat up

Metal roofs, especially light metal roofs, reflect the sun's solar energy rather than soaking it up like asphalt shingles do. And you have a wealth of options in regards to finishes and paints that can increase your metal roof's ability to reflect sunlight.

So, while many people believe that a metal roof will make their home hotter, the opposite is actually true when you take the above details into account. And another great thing about metal roofs is that they cool down quickly once out of sunlight, meaning your home will be cool at night.

Metal roofs are fire-resistant

If the hot weather in your area causes fires, then a metal roof can help to protect your home from embers as well as flames. If a fire does break out in your area, then you can be confident that a stray ember won't land on your roof and start a fire.

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31 March 2021

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