Signs You May Want To Remodel Your Roof


The term "roof replacement" usually refers to removing the shingles or metal and replacing them with new materials. Sometimes, though, you may need more than a roof replacement. You may need something more along the lines of a roof remodel. This means your roofers will do more than replace the shingles. They might replace the wood underlayment, change the roof pitch, add some dormers, or make other major changes. But how do you know if you need a roof remodel? Here are some key signs to be aware of.

Your roof is sagging

If you look across the roof, does it appear to be sagging anywhere? This means the wood under the shingles is deteriorating and will need to be replaced.

Your roofer could just remove the wood and replace it in the same arrangement it was in previously. However, it's better if they look into why the roof deteriorated in the first place. If the roof was not pitched enough, this could have caused moisture to accumulate, leading to roof rot. If two parts of the roof come together in a way that doesn't allow water to drain, this could have caused the problem. Your roofer may want to make some bigger changes to the layout or pitch of the roof to keep the same thing from happening again to the new wood.

Your roof isn't very visible

How much of your roof can you see from the ground? If you can barely see any of it, then you might want to consider having your roofer increase the pitch of your roof. This way, you can easily glance up at the roof and see how it is doing, which means little issues, like missing shingles, are less likely to go unnoticed in the future. If you can't see the roof from the ground, this probably also means it has a very low pitch, which makes it more likely to hold onto water and debris — so increasing the pitch may be a good idea for longevity, too.

Your roof is boring

Do you drive down the street and feel jealous of the other homes with multiple peaks and dormers, while your own home has a boring roof with one peak? Your roof remodeling company may be able to restructure your roof in a more unique way. They can add a few dormers to the front for character, or they may be able to lower part of the roof and create two peaks. Talk to them about the possibilities.

When a simple roof replacement won't do, you need a roof remodel. There are plenty of options that can make your roof not only longer-lasting but also more aesthetic.

Contact a local roofer to learn more about custom remodel options.


8 April 2021

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