4 Different Types Of Wood Fireplaces To Add To Your Living Room


When remodeling a home, people often focus on remodeling rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, which have many different types of features. One overlooked room of the home to remodel is the living room. One of the best ways to enhance a living room is by installing a fireplace. With a fireplace, there are lots of different fireplace options if you want a wood-burning fireplace.

#1: Traditional Open Hearth

A traditional open hearth is one of the most classic fireplaces, as they have been around for centuries. An open hearth is usually made from either bricks or stones. With an open hearth, you must have a chimney that vents outward and away from home. You will have to install the correct type of venting for this type of fireplace.

With an open-hearth fireplace, you can both hear and smell the wood-burning. You can see and feel the fireplace. The downside to a traditional open hearth is that it isn't always the best at heating up your home and will require you to carefully monitor the fireplace if you have pets or children as the space is open. A lot of the heat is lost up the chimney.

#2: Enclosed Fireplace

Enclosed fireplaces are much more common today. With an enclosed fireplace, the fireplace is totally enclosed, so you don't have to worry about embers or flames come out of the fireplace, and you don't have to worry about keeping your kids or pets away from it. With an enclosed fireplace, there is a glass panel that will allow you to see and enjoy the ambiance of the fire as it burns while keeping you safe.

With an enclosed fireplace, more of the heat goes into the room and less heat goes up the chimney. This can help warm up your space.

#3: Fireplace Insert

Another option is a fireplace insert. With a fireplace insert, the structure is designed to be placed into an opening. A fireplace insert can be inserted into an open-hearth setup and allow an older open hearth to be turned into a more efficient wood-burning fireplace. A fireplace insert allows for the efficient use of heat to warm up space and efficiently uses fuel.

#4: Wood-Burning Stove

A wood-burning stove is not exactly a fireplace, but it does burn wood, and it does put out heat to warm up your space. You will need a chimney that will vent smoke out of it, and you will need to be careful with a wood-burning stove, as the outside of it can get hot.

If you want to remodel your living room, one of the best ways to do that is by adding a wood-burning fireplace to your space. You can add a traditional open hearth, an enclosed fireplace, a fireplace insert, or a wood-burning stove.

Contact a contractor that does fireplace installation in your area for more information.


22 April 2021

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