All About Dealing With Moss, Algae, And Lichen Damage On Your Commercial Roofing


Moss, algae, and lichen three thrive in a cool and damp environment. So if they are flourishing on your roof, you probably have a severe water damage problem to deal with. 

And it's not just the presence of moss, algae, and lichen that's a problem. The moisture can also damage the roof shingles just as easily.

To be clear, roof shingles need very little maintenance to offer long-term value. But if they start to absorb moisture from beneath and around the edges, they'll rot. The situation worsens when tall trees block the roof from accessing direct sunshine.

Fortunately, you have some control. Below is what you need to know about vegetation growth on a roof as well as how a commercial roofing contractor can handle the repair work. 

Do You Have a Problem with Moss, Algae, and Lichens on the Roof?

If you live in a cold climate and have asphalt or wood shingles covered by algae, lichens, and moss, your roof will suffer frost damage faster. The unwanted vegetation makes a roof retain moisture for longer than it should, and the moisture slowly eats away the shingles and eventually makes them rot.

Algae and moss do the most damage to the roof shingles. Lichens have less effect because they retain less moisture. Even then, you need to get rid of all the vegetation on the roof all at once. That's why it's important to seek the professional guidance or service of a roofing expert. Depending on the extent to which moss, algae, and lichens have spread, they can recommend the right measures to take and provide professional roofing services. 

Is It Possible to Remove the Growth and Keep the Roof?

The best approach is to let commercial roofing contractors fix the problem for you. They'll come to your business premises, inspect the extent of the damage, and advise you on whether it's appropriate to clean up the roof or to repair the affected parts. 

They might try to brush or power-wash the surface of the roof when the growth is minimal. However, if they notice rotten or curled shingles, they'll recommend that you invest in commercial roof repair. 

Can Roof Treatments Reduce Growth?

Roof treatments work best for freshly installed roofs. You can buy treated tiles and roof membrane materials that repel vegetation growth. The roofing contractor might also sprinkle chemicals such as zinc sulfate monohydrate to kill the vegetation growth.

Call in a commercial roof contractor as soon as you notice odd vegetation growing on your roof. They will assess the damage and recommend the best solution for you. 

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30 April 2021

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