Installing A Roof Over Your New Business? Avoid These 4 Roofing Mistakes


Some factors people worry about when they are installing a new roof include how long the process will take and its cost. Most people worry so much about timelines that they forget the importance of getting the job done correctly. A properly installed roof will last for decades and protect everything inside the building from weather damage and deterioration. Here are four roofing mistakes to avoid when you want a durable commercial structure. 

Adding a New Roof On the Old One

Many people have the misconception that installing new roofing material over the old will optimize the overall function of the roof. However, a lot can go wrong when you do this. For example, the old roof has years of exposure to dirt, sun, moisture, and other debris. As a result, it has broken down and is less effective than it was before. Curled, broken, and warped shingles indicate that you might also have damage inside the roof frame. Similarly, corroded flashing and vent boots indicate that water damage might have reached the membrane. Ideally, you should strip all older materials off your roof and assess the underlying condition before installing a new roof.

Ignoring the Ventilation

Ventilation is the leading factor that determines the effectiveness of a roof. Proper ventilation reduces the amount of moisture that accumulates at the top of your building. On the other hand, poor ventilation increases the amount of heat your roof retains. Excess heat leads to thermal damage to the roof and the roof membranes. It also warps the roofing material and shortens its overall lifespan. When you hire a professional roofer, they assess the ventilation and ensure the roof functions optimally. 

Trying Do-It-Yourself Fixes

Some people think that installing a commercial roof is a straightforward process. However, installing the roof without professional help is a bad idea because you might overlook many design issues and create a substandard structure. Instead of losing more money in the long run, consider hiring a reputable roofing contractor for the job. 

Overlooking the Drip Edge

Water and moisture are the biggest threats to the integrity of your roof. The design of the drip edge ensures your building doesn't suffer water damage. A professional roofer will install one correctly and ensure that your home doesn't suffer any damage. 

You can count on a competent roofing contractor to install a new roof over your commercial building. They will use top-quality products and excellent service for the best outcome. Contact a company like Commercial Solutions, Inc. to learn more.


22 November 2021

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