4 Common Problems With The Tile Roof System And How To Manage Them


Tile roof systems add an unmatched appeal to your home design. Manufacturers make tiles out of materials like clay, concrete, and ceramic. Each of the materials has its benefits when professionally installed and properly maintained. However, even with the best maintenance, you cannot avoid repairs as the tiles get older and wear out. Here are the four most common issues with your tiled roofs and what you can do to manage them. 

Cracks on the Roof Surface

A tiled roof typically cracks when a heavy object falls on its surface and causes an impact. Your tiles will also get cracks when a tree branch or hailstones fall on them or fall apart because of the weight of snow in the winter. If you have a habit of walking on the roof to fix appliances and infrastructure, like satellite dishes, the weight of your feet could also lead to cracked tiles. The ideal way to deal with the problem is by replacing the tiles. If you do not remove the cracked tiles, you leave the inner parts of the roof exposed to harsh elements. 

White Stains on the Roof

White stains are another common issue with tiles. They result from a chemical process called efflorescence. It is a situation where the tiles become exposed to moisture, and the calcium carbonate in the structure of the tile moves to the top and deposits on the roof surface. You will notice white stains emerging after a rainy season because the roof gets exposed to moisture. The issue will often go away on its own, but if this doesn't happen, it indicates your tiles are old and need replacement. 

Damage to the Roof Underlayment

The underlayment is the part of the roof that helps protect the interior from water damage. If it becomes damaged, water will start leaking through it and damage the internal structures of the house. You should consider replacing your underlayment immediately if you notice problems because it is the only ideal way to avoid water damage inside the home. 

Problems with Slipping

Slipping is another common issue with tiled roofs, and they slip due to poor DIY installation or adhesive failure. A professional can help handle this issue by putting the slipped tiles back in position and fastening them.

You should consult with a competent roofing contractor about all roofing issues and have them give you the best assessment and repair choices. They will help you increase the lifespan of your tiled roof and guarantee value on investment. 

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8 June 2022

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