Planning A Commercial Roofing Project? 4 Costly Mistakes You Could Make


If your commercial roof has taken a beating over the last few years, you may be considering replacing it. Now here comes the big question: should you hire a commercial roofing contractor or DIY and save money? DIY commercial roofing may be enticing, but it does not always present an opportunity to cut costs. In fact, it can be downright expensive if you get it wrong. Here are some mistakes you are likely to make when undertaking a commercial roofing project. 

1. Overlaying When You Should Not

When replacing your commercial roof, you may decide to overlay or install an entirely new roof. Although overlaying can help save time and money, there are circumstances experts recommend against it. But without roofing experience, you may think your commercial roofing needs overlaying. As a result, you might add additional weight to your already failing roof, making the roof collapse. A reliable commercial roofing contractor can inspect your roof and advise you on the best way to restore it to its former glory.

2. Improper Nail Usage

Nails are an essential part of your commercial roof installation process. However, nailing requires special skills, or the roof may not last as long as it should. For example, if you use few or short nails or put them in the wrong angles or locations, your roofing materials may not be adequately secure. Soon the nails will start popping out, allowing water to penetrate and destroy the trusses. This is why it is important to leave your commercial roofing project to an experienced professional who can handle nailing skillfully.

3. Failing to Get Relevant Permits

You need to get a permit before undertaking any commercial roofing project. As an amateur roofer, you may not know this. Suppose the construction authority discovers you have been roofing your property without the relevant permits. In that case, they may suspend your project and require you to pay a fine for violating the relevant regulations. This means delayed projects and lost money. A commercial roofing contractor knows the importance of a roofing permit and will help you get one to avoid legal trouble. 

4. Failing to Install a Leak Barrier

When installing a commercial roof, you must do everything possible to keep water leaks at bay. This is where a leak barrier comes in. But with a cost-saving mindset, you may decide to skip it. This catastrophic mistake might make your roof unreliable during the rainy season. Professionals do not cut corners. Work with them to enjoy a long-lasting and reliable commercial roof.

A DIY commercial roofing project is an invitation to inconveniences and financial woes. If you want to replace your damaged commercial roofing or install a roof on a newly constructed commercial property, partner with a commercial roofing contractor. They take pride in offering excellent roofing services that meet the roofing industry standards.


22 September 2022

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