3 Common Issues Affecting Flat Roofs And How To Repair Them


Flat roofs are a typical design in homes and commercial spaces. For example, they are a popular installation for garages and tool sheds for residential properties. You should know that a flat roof appears straight to the eye, although most have a little gradient to allow water to drain off the surface. Moreover, the design is excellent because of the ease of installation. Besides, it uses fewer materials than other roof types. However, you must also note that these roofs come with a unique set of challenges owing to their design. Below are the three issues that affect this roof design and ways to resolve them.

When Water Ponds Due to Inadequate Drainage

It is common for water to pool on top of your flat roof. Mostly, it happens because this roof structure lacks adequate angles and slopes to allow the easy flow of rainwater off the surface. You should know that this is a common issue with DIY installations. In such a case, the incorrect installation will force water to form ponds due to poor drainage. More so, removing the stagnated water is only a temporary solution to prevent damage to the roofing material. In such a case, you will need a roofing expert to redesign your installation so it can naturally drain water. 

When the Installed Material is Too Old

Every roofing material has its typical lifespan. For example, slate roofs have an incredible lifespan, while shingles, clay, and cedar shakes have shorter lifespans. The speed at which your flat roof ages also depends on the materials used to frame it and the quality of maintenance it has received over the years. Signs of aging include curling shingles, fading, cracks, and a generally poor appearance. If this is the case, you should consider replacing an old roof because leaving it in place minimizes efficiency and safety.

Visible Roof Damage

Flat roofs are less susceptible to strong wind, storms, and other weather damage. However, this does not mean the damage doesn't happen. Sometimes, the roofing material gets lifted off the frame during a storm. As such, the only way to resolve this is through constant inspection and repairs. You should know that professional roofing contractors offer scheduled inspection services. Hence, they will visit your home and assess the roof's state. More importantly, they will determine whether the physical damage warrants repairs or replacement. 

Always assess the state of your roof to spot signs of trouble. Remember, calling in a contractor as soon as you notice issues that call for flat roof repairs can keep the home comfortable, expand the roof's lifespan and save you a costly premature material replacement.

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26 October 2022

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