Assessments To Make Prior To Installing Solar Panels On A Residential Roof


If you invested in solar panels and plan on putting them on your roof where there is ample sunlight exposure, having a plan for installation is important for avoiding property damage and wasting time. Here are a few assessments you'll need to make prior to solar panel installation. 

Current Condition of Roof

One of the first things you should do before setting up solar panels on your roof is to check the condition of this part of your property. Is it okay to hold solar panels and their supporting hardware or do you need to make a few repairs first?

To find out, take your time inspecting the roof or letting a professional contractor do this. You need to find out what repairs or restorations might be needed so that the roof holds each solar panel effectively long-term without requiring you to make a bunch of adjustments.

Size of Roof

Every roof on a residential property will be a certain size. You need to assess yours thoroughly prior to investing in solar panels because it will let you know how many panels are optimal for this solar energy investment.

You can take measurements yourself or, again, let a roofing contractor gather them. Either way, these dimensions are crucial for figuring out the number of panels you need to set up on your roof. Once you target an optimal number, you can better plan how you're going to place them on top of the roof in a safe, compliant manner.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

After investing in solar panels, you can either install them yourself or let a professional contractor perform this step. If you have prior experience with solar panels or are just good with your hands, then you might be capable of completing a DIY setup. You would just want to use sound guides to ensure you carry out the right installation steps in a safe manner.

If you've never come across solar panels before, it's important to hire a solar panel contractor. They can get your panels set up around the right location and secure them with the appropriate hardware that's going to remain in place.

If you just invested your hard-earned money in solar panels, be sure to maximize this investment with a proper installation. You can achieve one as long as you perform the right actions throughout each stage of this setup. Then you can look forward to optimal performance from these panels from here on out. 

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9 November 2022

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