4 Roof Repairs You're Likely To Experience As Your Home Ages And How Roofing Contractors Can Assist


Have you ever peered up at your roof and noticed the shingles are missing or that there are tell-tale signs of water damage? If so, then it may be time to hire roofing contractors to take a closer look. As your home ages, common roof repairs become more frequent, regardless if you have traditional asphalt shingle roofing or something else.

Knowing what types of damage you could experience is key in ensuring your home remains sturdy and protected from the elements. This article explores the four most common roof repair issues homeowners face as their homes get old and how roofing contractors can assist.

Missing Shingles 

One of the most common signs of aging on a roof is missing or damaged shingles. High winds, hail storms, and other weather conditions can loosen or even rip shingles off completely.

If left unchecked, this could lead to water damage inside your home and increase your energy bills due to decreased insulation efficiency. A qualified roofer can quickly and efficiently replace any missing or damaged shingles so that you don't have to worry about further damage. 

Loose Flashing 

Flashing is responsible for sealing the areas around vents, chimneys, and skylights from water penetration into your attic space. Over time, flashing can become loose due to extreme temperatures or windy conditions, allowing water into your home if not repaired quickly by a qualified roofer. An experienced contractor will be able to inspect all flashing around these areas and make repairs where needed to prevent any further water damage from occurring inside your home. 

Sagging Roof Deck 

As roofs age, they can start to sag due to weakening wood sheathing underneath them. This sagging can cause serious structural issues if not addressed quickly by an experienced contractor who specializes in residential roof repair work. That's why when you notice that your roof is sagging, you should hire roofing contractors to reinforce any weak spots with proper bracing to prevent further damage. 

Water Leaks  

Finally, one of the most common problems experienced by aging roofs is water leaks caused by poor caulking around vents or failing seals on skylights or window sills on upper levels of the home. A professional contractor will be able to repair any broken seals on windowsills while also inspecting and restoring all caulking around vents for cracks or deterioration. 

No matter how old or new your home is, it's important to address roof repairs as they arise. Working with an experienced roofing contractor specializing in residential roof repair work can ensure that your home remains safe and sturdy for years to come. For more information, contact a roofing contractor near you.


27 January 2023

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