Doing A Quick Roof Assessment On A Home You Want To Buy


If you find a particular home you are interested in buying, then of course you want to look it over for any potential problems before you make an offer. In this process, you should be particularly focused on a roof. A problem with the roof, after all, could quickly lead to water leaks and the need for costly repairs. If there is any reason to suspect the roof may be in good shape, you'll want to have a roofer take a closer look before you buy. But what are some signs that you should have a roofer take a look? Here are the top ones.

Peeling shingles along the edge.

Sometimes people will see a few peeling or lifted shingles along the edge of the roof and figure it's no big deal – it's just a few shingles. But actually, peeling shingles on the edge of a roof point to an issue with roof ventilation or insulation. A lack of insulation or ventilation can lead to ice dams in the winter, and ice dams cause that edge-specific shingle damage. 

Should you walk away entirely from a home with peeling shingles on the edge? Not usually. But you should have a roofer look it over and give you an estimate for any recommended vent and insulation improvements, plus the shingle repairs.

Popped nails.

If you look across the roof and see what looks like a bunch of pimples or little raised bumps, then the roof has what are known as nail pops. These occur when nails get pushed up, out of the roof material. This is a minor roof problem, but it can lead to bigger issues including leaks and loose shingles. Have a roofer take a look. If they only note popped nails, then those nails can easily be replaced. If they see that water has been seeping in around the popped nails, then you may have more widespread attic or roof damage to factor in as you consider this home purchase.

Clogged gutters.

Take a look inside the gutters. If they are clogged with debris, then this means they likely have not been doing their job well for a while. This should prompt you to have the roof looked over for any damage the clogged gutters may have caused via excessive water exposure.

If a roof does not have any of these issues and appears to be in good shape, then you can buy with greater confidence. Good luck!


10 February 2023

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