Roofing Tips For The Vigilant Homeowner


If you live in a fairly moderate climate, you can usually have a shingle roof installed, pay very little attention to it over the years, and expect to get a few decades out of it. Clean the gutters and call a roofer if shingles ever become lifted — that's usually all that is strictly required. However, if you consider yourself to be a more vigilant homeowner and want to take as protective an approach as possible, there are more maintenance tasks you can perform on your roof. Taking these steps may reduce your need for roof repairs over the years, and it may also help you get a few more years out of your shingle roof.

Spraying the Roof With Herbicides

If your roof is shaded, this is a key maintenance task to consider. Moss loves to grow in the shade, and moss leads to accelerated roof deterioration. It is hard to get rid of moss once it starts growing. It is far easier to prevent moss growth from the start. Ideally, you would do that by preventing your roof from being in the shade, but that is not always possible. So, spraying the roof with herbicides to target moss growth every year or so can be a smart move.

Installing More Attic Insulation

Do you ever see ice forming on the edge of your roof during the winter? If so, you have what is known as ice dams. They can cause peeling and lifted shingles along the roof's edge. The good news is that they are not that hard to prevent, but the preventative strategy is not what you might expect. Put more insulation in your attic, and the peak of your roof will stay cooler. The snow up there will no longer melt and trickle down so you won't get ice dams.

Raking Snow

If you get a heavy snowstorm, you may want to go outside and rake snow off your roof. Companies even make specialized snow rakes with long handles that allow you to reach further up onto the roof. Clearing the snow away will help prevent ice dams, and it is also easier on your roof deck. The roof deck is less likely to crack under the weight of the snow when you remove some of it. 

If you perform the tasks above, you'll be taking exceptional care of your roof. It will pay you back with many years of lasting health. For more information on residential roofing, contact a professional near you.


6 March 2023

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