Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Roofing Company


When you need roofing services, go through the right roofing company. However, many homeowners don't know the right things to ask in order to determine if the relationship will be a good fit or not. Here are 5 questions to ask before you hire a roofing company. 

What insurance coverage do you have?

Every roofing company must have commercial insurance that covers them in the case of an accident. If they damage your property, it will be covered by the insurance. Different states have different minimum coverage requirements. Companies that cater to high-end clients will have more coverage, but that extra coverage may be reflected in the quote. 

How do you charge your clients?

Roofers can charge customers in a number of different ways. Many roofers charge by the hour. Under this type of agreement, the client can end up paying much more than expected if the job experiences significant delays. We recommend capping the number of hours you will pay for the job. 

Alternatively, the roofer may charge you per job or per task. This system makes billing simple, but it disadvantages roofers if the job becomes complicated. 

What additional expenses aren't covered in the quote?

When you see your quote for the job, you probably assume that the quote includes absolutely every expense associated with the job. However, many jobs require additional charges. For example, is waste disposal included in the quote? Are all of the materials and hardware included in the quote? 

Even when you consider all additional expenses, you should leave room in the budget for unexpected expenses. 

Who will be performing the work?

As a homeowner, you should know who will be in your home. Therefore, you should ask for the names of the people who will help with the job. You should also verify if the employees work for the company, or if the company hires third-party staffing agencies or freelance handymen. Finally, ask about the company's vetting policies. Do employees get a drug test and a background check?

What type of guarantee do you offer on your work?

A good roofing company will stand by its work with a guarantee. If the construction of the roof fails before the guarantee period expires, will they come to repair it? Keep in mind that guarantees from the roofing company will only cover the labor. If building materials fail, you will likely have to go through the retailer or manufacturer.  

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13 March 2023

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