How To Make Sure A Tile Roof Lasts A Long Time


Tile roofs are often praised for being really durable and long-lasting. In most cases, this stereotype is true. Tile roofs are hardy and can last for many decades, but not without a little help and input from their owners. If you want your tile roof to last, here are a few things to do, and a few things to avoid doing.

Make sure it's installed with a good underlayment.

If you are still preparing to have a tile roof installed, make sure you hire a company that installs a good underlayment under the tile. If one or more of the tiles crack and water seeps through those cracks, then the underlayment will protect the roof deck and prevent it from rotting. A rotten roof deck will mean the roof needs major repairs — if not a complete replacement — so you really want that roof deck to be well protected.

Don't walk on it.

Tile may look like a good surface to walk on, but it's not a good idea to walk on your tile roof. The tiles themselves can break if you don't distribute your weight evenly. Broken tiles need to be replaced. Tile roofing companies usually recommend that you only allow professional, experienced roofers wearing proper footwear to ever walk on a tile roof.

Have it washed periodically.

Find a roofing company that provides cleaning services, and ask them to come to clean your roof once a year or so. This will help keep any algae growth and other grime to a minimum. This buildup can sometimes cause the tile to start pitting, which weakens it. Tile that's kept clean stays stronger and lasts longer.

Make sure it is well insulated.

Make sure you have a good layer of insulation in your attic. In fact, it is a good idea to have two layers of insulation. The insulation will reduce the amount of heat that passes through the roof. Heat passing through the roof can weaken it a little over the years. It may not have a huge impact on the tile, but it will affect the wooden roof deck and the underlayment beneath the tile – and if these break down, your tile roof won't last as long.

If you make sure your tile roof is installed correctly and you care for it well, then it will last a good, long time. Talk to a roofing contractor in your area to learn more about the best practices for tile roofing.


31 March 2023

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