2 Signs You Need To Have A Professional Repair Your Home's Metal Roof


The last time you had a new roof installed on your house, you may have opted for one constructed from metal because it is more durable and longer-lasting than shingles. While a metal roof can withstand more abuse from the elements than other materials, it is not invincible and can require repairs during its lifetime.

While you may be aware of some obvious problems that will require repairs, such as gapped seams or missing screws, there are other issues that may not be as noticeable. Below are a couple of signs that you need to have a professional make repairs on your home's metal roof.

1. Patchy Discolorations Appear on the Surfaces of Some of the Metal Roofing Panels

One sign that your home's metal roof needs repairing is when you discover that patchy discolorations appear on the surfaces. These discolorations can be caused by a worn-down coating that has affected the paint or rust forming on areas of exposed metal.

If the areas are caused by worn roofing coating, the repair professional can recoat the metal roofing panels to restore their protective layer. If rust is causing the discoloration, they can remove the corrosion and refinish the surfaces of the affected metal panels.

2. Some of the Metal Panels Have Started to Wrinkle, Giving Parts of the Roof a Wavy Appearance 

Another sign that you should call a professional to repair your home's metal roof is when you see that some of the panels have a wavy appearance. While the metal panels are typically rigid, constant expansion and contraction from temperature changes can cause them to warp slightly.

Known as wrinkling, the waviness indicates that the panels have become weak. Especially if only a few metal panels are affected by wrinkling, a roofing repair technician can replace the affected panels and make sure that they are put into place with just enough space to prevent wrinkling in the future.

When the surfaces of the metal roofing panels become discolored, you should have a roofing repair professional check them for rust or deteriorating roof coating to see if they need to be resurfaced or recoated. They can also check any wrinkled panels that have become wavy due to expansion and contraction to see if they need to be reattached or replaced. For any issues with your home's roof, contact a business that offers metal roof repair services to explain the problems you are having and schedule an appointment for a service call. 

For more info about roof repair, contact a local professional.


26 June 2023

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