2 Benefits Of Using Cedar Shingles For Your Home's New Roof


If your shingled roof is old and has started to deteriorate, you may have decided that it is time to have it replaced. While you may be considering having the same asphalt shingles installed, you may also be looking for alternatives that are sturdier and more aesthetically pleasing.

If so, you may want to consider switching out the asphalt shingles for ones made from cedar wood. Below are a couple of the benefits of having a roofing professional use cedar shingles when it comes time to install your home's new roof. 

1. Cedar Acts as a Natural Insulator to Help Make Your House More Energy Efficient

One benefit of having a roof installed on your home that features cedar shingles is that the wood acts like a natural insulator. While roofs should already have insulation under the decking as well as an underlayment between it and the shingles, with asphalt shingles, the temperatures within your home are still greatly affected by the absorption of the sun's rays.

However, with cedar shingles, they are able to withstand the rays of the sun while not absorbing them, allowing your home to stay cooler. The cedar also helps your home to retain heat in the winter, helping to decrease your energy costs and make your house more energy efficient.

2. Shingles Are Highly Resistant to Adverse Weather Conditions and Insect Damage

Another benefit of using cedar shingles for your home's new roof is that they are highly resistant to damage. When subjected to constant rain and high winds, they do not deteriorate from the moisture nor easily blow off. Even after years of exposure to the elements, the cedar will not rot but become beautifully aged in its appearance.

Along with being resistant to adverse weather conditions, cedar also repels insects to help keep them from damaging the roof. This can also reduce the risk of having pests invade your home by coming in from openings around the roof.

When it comes time to have a new roof installed on your house, consider replacing your asphalt shingles with ones made from cedar. Not only does the wood act as a natural insulator to help increase the energy efficiency of your house, but the shingles are also highly resistant to damage from adverse weather conditions and insects.

For more information, contact a roofing service that offers the installation of cedar shingles to speak with someone who can assist you.


12 July 2023

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