3 Lesser-Known Signs You May Be In Need Of Flat Roof Replacement For Your Commercial Building


If the flat roof on your commercial building needs to be replaced, you may notice that the flat roofing is torn or you may have a leak in your roof. These are obvious signs that most people are aware are indicative of a roof that is not functioning. However, your flat roof may give you a number of other signs that it is approaching or has reached the end of its lifespan and likely needs to be replaced.

22 November 2022

Things You Should Know About Solar Roofing Shingles


If you like the idea of solar energy for your home, then think about solar roofing shingles. If you aren't familiar with these yet, then this article can be great for you to read. It will explain what just what solar shingles are and go over some advantages of having them put on the roof of your own home.  What solar roofing shingles are Solar roofing shingles are shingles that will look and function just like other roofing shingles.

14 November 2022

Assessments To Make Prior To Installing Solar Panels On A Residential Roof


If you invested in solar panels and plan on putting them on your roof where there is ample sunlight exposure, having a plan for installation is important for avoiding property damage and wasting time. Here are a few assessments you'll need to make prior to solar panel installation.  Current Condition of Roof One of the first things you should do before setting up solar panels on your roof is to check the condition of this part of your property.

9 November 2022

Three Unexpected Choices You Need To Consider When Designing Your Roof


If you are building a new home or renovating the one you are currently living in, then it might surprise you to learn just how much time you need to devote to thinking about your roof. Your roof is, after all, an integral part of the building, but to most people, it is purely utilitarian. That does not have to be the case, and the more planning you put into your roof with your roofing contractors, the better it will be when you finish it.

31 October 2022

3 Common Issues Affecting Flat Roofs And How To Repair Them


Flat roofs are a typical design in homes and commercial spaces. For example, they are a popular installation for garages and tool sheds for residential properties. You should know that a flat roof appears straight to the eye, although most have a little gradient to allow water to drain off the surface. Moreover, the design is excellent because of the ease of installation. Besides, it uses fewer materials than other roof types.

26 October 2022

Benefits Of Having Your Roofing Company Install Residential Windows


Owning your own residential property means facing a roof replacement or repair at some point. One of the aspects of this repair or replacement you may not consider is your windows. If your roof is affected by heavy rains or wind, it can cause damage to the walls and ultimately the windows. Windows can start to sag or even come loose around their casings. If you are experiencing this issue with your windows, consider the benefits of having your roofing company handle your residential window replacement.

19 October 2022

When To Get A Residential Roof Inspection


As part of preventative roof maintenance, you should arrange regular inspections of your roof to identify issues that may cause extensive damage if they go unnoticed for a long time. Roofing issues detected during these inspections will require repairs before it is too late.   While scheduled roof inspections are essential to maximize the performance and life of your residential roof, you should not always wait until your roofer's next scheduled visit to have your roof inspected.

12 October 2022

4 Ways To Know Your Establishment Is Due For A Commercial Roof Replacement


It's important to keep your commercial roof in top condition. This way, you can push back replacement for a couple more years. However, when your roof is obviously approaching the end of its life, you should start saving for an upgrade. This is to ensure that you don't have to deal with a dilapidating roof breakdown. Here are four ways you'll know it's time you started saving for a commercial roof replacement.

30 September 2022

Why Some Flat Roofs Are Vulnerable To Seam Failure


When installing a roof membrane for a flat roof, it's essential that you have your roof installed by professional flat roof contractors. When flat roof membranes are not installed properly, such as during a DIY installation, they can experience seam failure, and this can lead to the entire roof failing. Vulnerable Roofs The types of roofs that are likely to experience seam failure are rubber EPDM, torch down, and modified bitumen.

28 September 2022

Planning A Commercial Roofing Project? 4 Costly Mistakes You Could Make


If your commercial roof has taken a beating over the last few years, you may be considering replacing it. Now here comes the big question: should you hire a commercial roofing contractor or DIY and save money? DIY commercial roofing may be enticing, but it does not always present an opportunity to cut costs. In fact, it can be downright expensive if you get it wrong. Here are some mistakes you are likely to make when undertaking a commercial roofing project.

22 September 2022